DEP MeshWorks - Model Building

Complete CAE pre-processor and post-processor for FEA and CFD.
Advanced capabilities on model building and process automation

Automatize your model assembly

Model connections, materials, loads and boundary conditions and unique features to automatize and speed up your model building

welding MeshWorks CAEmesh


Rapid welding process enable the user to quickly create weld with specific profiles, including the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) to analyze stress and crack propagation

Whether from a 1D or 3D reference from the CAD file, create in seconds in line or spot welds with maximum detail.

Create a HEX, TET or shell mesh on your weldments with minimal inputs and in a simple way.

Welds solutions MeshWorks CAEmesh
Bolt modeling MeshWorks CAEmesh

Bolted connections

A wide variety of bolted assembly connection elements can be created automatically by detecting the hole.

Define bolt geometry such as size, bolt type, washer layers, property definitions as well as pretension.

Through bolts
Detailed metric bolt modeling
Bolt connections with beams/ridid elements`

User can specify Auto Contact Pair and Pretension creation using simple check box. Then Preview and Realize the bolt.



Auto Contact Creation tool allows the user to easily create contact surfaces in less time detecting automatically the contact surfaces

Includes contact pair, contact control, contact interface, pre-tension surface which executes automatically

Contacts MeshWorks CAEmesh

And Much More...


Solid bond elements can be generated automatically and connected to the surrounding part meshes through connection equations, contacts.

Loads and
Boundary Conditions

A wide variety of loads and boundary conditions can be applied to various types of solvers quickly and efficiently. Create the necessary cards for your solver

Include File

For large-scale system models, users can organize subset data into include files and perform data manipulation operations on different include files.

Which FEA & CFD solvers are supported?













Converge CFD


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Create welds with specific profiles (flat, concave, convex) and Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) to analyze stress and crack propagation. Get a node-to-node matching connection.

HEX and TET Meshing

Template based and highly automated meshing functions allow users to create automatic parametric meshes with minimal user intervention and no CAD clean-up.

Automatic mid-plane meshing

Given a CAD data, the mid-plane mesh is generated automatically based on the given inputs. 1-click solution for your mid-plane extraction and shell parts creation.

CAD Morphing

Transform existing CAD data to new shapes rapidly. Generate morphed CAD models representing optimized designs and create the main link between CAE & design teams.


Full bolted connections can be easily created in seconds. Detail metric bolt, modelling, screws, through bolts.

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