ConceptWorks - Sheet metal

ConceptWorks is an automated modelling tool that helps CAE engineers to quickly create new designs and bridge the gap between model design and analysis

Create concept designs in meshed models within seconds

ConceptWorks is a solution for CAE engineers to create concept members and joints without the need of CAD

ConceptWorks CAEmesh MeshWorks

Why ConceptWorks?

Any idea from the CAE team to improve the design needs to be communicated to the CAD design team to implement those changes. Once created, the CAE engineers need to obtain and mesh those parts. This procedure is slowing down the product development process.

What is ConceptWorks?

ConceptWorks is the concept modeling solution that allow CAE engineers to create and adapt, at mesh level, members and joints without the need of CAD in an easy-to-use environment.

How can DEP MeshWorks help you?

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New member creation

Create new pre-defined or user-defined members directly at mesh level without any CAD. Once created, members can be modified or optimized via their parameters.

ConceptWorks CAEmesh MeshWorks New member

Member Extension

Existing members can be extended at mesh level with the ConceptWorks solution.

The user has full freedom to define an arbitrary path to extend existing members.

Joint connections

Create different joint connections at mesh level with the ConceptWorks solution.

ConceptWorks can create joint-over-members, side-wall-joints, member-joints, H-Pillar lower joints in order to connect a cross member with the next component along its path.

ConceptWorks CAEmesh MeshWorks joint connections

End caps

Create and parameterize end caps at mesh level with ConceptWorks.


Beads, bosses and holes

Create beads, bosses, holes or fillets at mesh level with the ConceptWorks solution.

ConceptWorks can create beads, holes or bosses based on user-defined curves or nodes. Furthermore fillets and splits can be created.

The Power of ConceptWorks: Application case

Concepts and joints can be created in meshed models within minutes with ConceptWorks. One of the customized processes enables rapid creation of BSO inner parts.

The video shows the inner structure of the A-Pillar, the inner structure of the roof rail, the header and roof bow structures, the joint between header and A-pillar, the joint between bow and roof and the inner structure of the B-Pillar. All concepts and joints were created within ConceptWorks by CAE engineers, speeding up the development process drastically.

Power of ConceptWorks MeshWorks CAEmesh

✓ Can be executed as a single instance or as a parameter with multiple instances

✓ Very helpful for early-stage designs to explore new concept designs.

✓ Use it on sheet metal, casting parts, forge parts or plastic parts.

How can DEP MeshWorks help you?

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