DEP MeshWorks - Meshing

DEP MeshWorks has a powerful CAE meshing engine that allows users to create 2D (TET, QUAD), 3D (TETRA, HEX)
and mid-plane meshing rapidly from complex geometries.

High quality TET, TETRA, HEX and mid-plane meshing

Create high quality meshes with minimal CAD clean-up and user intervention

Unique features and tools as HEX mesher, extruded HEX mesher or thin-wall HEX mesher have been developed in MeshWorks to create 100% hexahedral meshes on sheets and solid complex geometries.

HEX Meshing - DEP MeshWorks - CAEmesh
TETRA Meshing - DEP MeshWorks - CAEmesh

Tetra Meshing

MeshWorks allows to obtain a high quality tetrahedral mesh that can be controlled through templates with the most advanced quality controls. In addition, the mesh model is automatically converted to a parametric model.

Mid-plane Meshing

A set of automated meshing tools allows users to create mid-plane meshes for parts with complex geometries including ribs and other intersecting features. Variable thicknesses driven by CAD geometry are automatically assigned to the mesh.

Midplane Meshing - DEP MeshWorks - CAEmesh

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The patented parameterization technology converts the model into an automatic parametric mesh during the meshing process.


The generated mesh is associated to the CAD geometry, which allows to update the mesh automatically when the CAD geometry changes and vice versa.


Different mesh templates can be assigned to the CAD data according to the need, obtaining the corresponding meshes from a single model, eliminating the need to duplicate efforts.

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Create welds with specific profiles (flat, concave, convex) and Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) to analyze stress and crack propagation. Get a node-to-node matching connection.

HEX and TET Meshing

Template based and highly automated meshing functions allow users to create automatic parametric meshes with minimal user intervention and no CAD clean-up.

Automatic mid-plane meshing

Given a CAD data, the mid-plane mesh is generated automatically based on the given inputs. 1-click solution for your mid-plane extraction and shell parts creation.

CAD Morphing

Transform existing CAD data to new shapes rapidly. Generate morphed CAD models representing optimized designs and create the main link between CAE & design teams.


Full bolted connections can be easily created in seconds. Detail metric bolt, modelling, screws, through bolts.

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