The ultimate CAE morphing and concept modelling tool.
Incorporate design changes in FE/CFD models without CAD and speed up the development process.

What is DEP MeshWorks?

DEP MeshWorks is a morphing, concept modelling and parametric CAE software that adapts the geometrical parameters of your model at mesh level without the need to go back to the CAD department

CAE Morphing

Make geometrical changes directly on the mesh. No more back and forth between the CAE and CAD department.


Create ‘ready-to-use’ features in your mesh as Beads, Darts, Bulkheads, Holes/Slots, Part, Shell Rib, Tetra- Rib, etc.

Parametrization Technology

Regular FE/CFD models can be converted to intelligent parametric models directly in your mesh.

How can DEP MeshWorks help you?

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Morphing DEP MeshWorks CAEmesh

CAE Morphing

A feature-based morphing tool that can rapidly transform existing component level and full system FE and CFD models (such as automotive vehicle crash, NVH and durability models) to match new geometry and/or to new proportions.


Create in seconds typical design features required to improve structural performance as ribs, holes, beads, darts, reinforcements, etc working directly on your mesh.

ConceptWorks DEP MeshWorks CAEmesh
Parametric technology DEP MeshWorks CAEmesh

Parametrization Technology

The comprehensive CAE model parameterization engine with a broad range of categories of parameters can be used at all stages of product development. The parameters can be exercised as one-time execution or linked to DOE and MDO schemes.

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Create welds with specific profiles (flat, concave, convex) and Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) to analyze stress and crack propagation. Get a node-to-node matching connection.

HEX and TET Meshing

Template based and highly automated meshing functions allow users to create automatic parametric meshes with minimal user intervention and no CAD clean-up.

Automatic mid-plane meshing

Given a CAD data, the mid-plane mesh is generated automatically based on the given inputs. 1-click solution for your mid-plane extraction and shell parts creation.

CAD Morphing

Transform existing CAD data to new shapes rapidly. Generate morphed CAD models representing optimized designs and create the main link between CAE & design teams.


Full bolted connections can be easily created in seconds. Detail metric bolt, modelling, screws, through bolts.

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