DEP MeshWorks - CAE Morphing

CAE morphing can rapidly transform existing FE and CFD models to match new geometries.
No more back and forth between CAE and CAD department ​

Born as a
Morphing tool

More than 30 year of experience in morphing. Transform the geometry of your model without CAD.

Morphing Technology DEP MeshWorks CAEmesh

What is CAE Morphing?

Morphing is an adaptation of given shape to a new form.

The geometry of a given concept model can be modified to required proportions to create new designs.

CAE Morphing allows users to work on the FE mesh directly reducing the time taken to go back to the designer to update the geometry.

CAE morphing DEP MeshWorks CAEmesh

Why CAE Morphing?

Minimizes time spent on design modification by working directly at the mesh level

Automatic control block creation methods require less skill and effort and allow fast and efficient design creations using parameterized optimization.

Easy transformation of CAE models from the original design to a new concept

Keeps your connections (contacts, boundaries, loads, bolts, welds, etc) from the current to the updated model

Traditional design process

FE modeling and simulations are performed after the concept CAD is generated

With DEP MeshWork

The concept changes are made on the FE model itself, taking the time required for CAD generation off the cycle

How can DEP MeshWorks help you?

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...and how can it be done?

CAE morphing of 2D and 3D mesh

Manual and Auto control blocks creation using 2 planes, curves or planes

Free-form (direct) morphing for more control of the geometry 

Different morphing options as Poly cube, Curve based, Pattern, Strech

Auto Re-mesh and quality preservation during the morphing

 Robust, fast and user friendly CAE morphing solution

Morphing and stich DEP MeshWorks CAEmesh

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Create welds with specific profiles (flat, concave, convex) and Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) to analyze stress and crack propagation. Get a node-to-node matching connection.

HEX and TET Meshing

Template based and highly automated meshing functions allow users to create automatic parametric meshes with minimal user intervention and no CAD clean-up.

Automatic mid-plane meshing

Given a CAD data, the mid-plane mesh is generated automatically based on the given inputs. 1-click solution for your mid-plane extraction and shell parts creation.

CAD Morphing

Transform existing CAD data to new shapes rapidly. Generate morphed CAD models representing optimized designs and create the main link between CAE & design teams.


Full bolted connections can be easily created in seconds. Detail metric bolt, modelling, screws, through bolts.

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