DEP MeshWorks - ConceptWorks

ConceptWorks is the concept modeling solution of DEP MeshWorks.
Ready-to-use CAE tools required to improve structural performance of the model.

Create automatic design solutions

Concept modeling directly on the mesh to improve the structural performance of the model.

ConceptWorks DEP MeshWorks CAEmesh

Shell and Solid Ribs

Both shell (2D) and solid (3D) ribs can be created at mesh level in minutes. Select the model, create the plane and sketch the shape of the rib. Finally, the mesh is adjusted automatically.

DEP MeshWorks Shell solid ribs
DEP MeshWorks ConceptWork Bulkheads

Bulk head

Bulkheads and their connection can be created without waiting for the CAD.

Create directly the reinforcement on the model at mesh level.


Part extension or contraction can be performed without CAD in DEP MeshWorks.

The part extension is usually used to improve and adjust the structural performance in shock or durability events.

Generally no additional packaging or consideration of shape changes in body sections are required

DEP MeshWorks Extension


Beads can be created in the mesh to increase stiffness and/or initiate crushing during shock events.

Create the geometry, assign the shape and finally parameterize the beads to create the DOE or MDO in minutes.

Punch hole

Creating lighting pockets in vehicle panels or cross members to reduce mass or increase rigidity without waiting for CAD data is possible in DEP MeshWorks

DEP MeshWorks ConceptWork Punch holes

And more...





Rolled Blank


Part Extension/Contraction


Shell Rib

Tailor Welded

✓ Can be executed as a single instance or as a parameter with multiple instances

✓ Very helpful for early-stage designs to explore new concept designs.

✓ Use it on sheet metal, casting parts, forge parts or plastic parts.

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Create welds with specific profiles (flat, concave, convex) and Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) to analyze stress and crack propagation. Get a node-to-node matching connection.

HEX and TET Meshing

Template based and highly automated meshing functions allow users to create automatic parametric meshes with minimal user intervention and no CAD clean-up.

Automatic mid-plane meshing

Given a CAD data, the mid-plane mesh is generated automatically based on the given inputs. 1-click solution for your mid-plane extraction and shell parts creation.

CAD Morphing

Transform existing CAD data to new shapes rapidly. Generate morphed CAD models representing optimized designs and create the main link between CAE & design teams.


Full bolted connections can be easily created in seconds. Detail metric bolt, modelling, screws, through bolts.

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